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I hope that the Council will recognize the enormity of the Tribunal’s findings and take urgent and effective measures to ensure that no other employee of their’s is ever put through the horrendous ordeal by property valuations Sydney to which I was subjected on the ground of his or her race, color, nationality or ethnic origin.


It accepted five of Mr. Yeboah’s complaints and rejected Mr. Crofton’s.  The Tribunal has been concerned from time to time throughout the hearing that Mr. Crofton has misquoted from documents or misdescribed them or their significance. It is apparent that a high degree of mistrust is provoked in Mr. Crofton whenever people of African, particularly West African, origin are involved.



Mr. Crofton conducted a campaign designed to undermine the belief of others, particularly his employers, the Council, in Mr. Yeboah’s integrity and that he would not have treated Mr. Yeboah this way but for Mr. Yeboah’s race.

The Chief Executive for much of the period concerned, Jerry White, told the Tribunal that the treatment of Mr. Yeboah by Mr. Crofton was ‘the most serious case of harassment of a senior colleague that he had ever encountered in 13 years of senior management in local government’.